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Mower Parts or Engine Parts? Repair Information Simplified

Buying repair parts for your car is a simple procedure. Basic information is all that is required: Make, Model, Year, is usually sufficient. This basic information covers virtually all of the components of any given vehicle. Purchasing parts for you lawn mower, a much less complex machine, can require a bit more information.

Lawn mower repairs are split into two categories; Mower parts and Engine parts. This is where the need for different information is required. In your daily driver, information about the car and the engine are both relevant to the make/model/year information. Lawn mower service is a bit trickier. Mower equipment is built as an inclusive product. By that I mean that many different engines may be used on the same mower. That means also that engines of different brands could be used. Let's say for example 'Big Bob Mowers' builds a mower assembly. Those mowers could be made with engine options from Kohler, Briggs and Stratton, or Honda, all available on the same mower model. In such a case any model information for the mower does not include model information about the engine.

This is where parts information becomes a bit fuzzy. Mower model information includes all of the facts needed to find repair parts that are exclusive to the mower assembly. These parts include things like wheels, blades, and cables. Control cables and blades are directly attached to the engine but are in fact mower parts. When parts are needed to repair the engine itself, the engine model information is always needed. Most engine companies rely exclusively on the model and type or spec information marked on the engine. Without the correct model information from the mower or the engine the accurate repair parts can be very difficult to find. Attempting to locate parts by visual comparison is nearly impossible. The enormous variety of cables, blades, filters, and the like make this an overwhelming chore. The correct parts for your repair are easy to locate with just a little bit of information which is quickly available from your equipment. Getting the right parts is fast, easy, economical, and much safer for the equipment operator.

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