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Attack of the Grubs!

It's a battle we fight in our turf every year, yellow and brown spots show up in the lawn. The cause is sometimes difficult to identify. Damage from heat stress or fungus brought on by over watering can result in very similar looking damage. Left untreated the problem can wipe out a healthy lawn with lightning speed.

This unseen enemy invades our lawns and lays dormant for months at a time. The solution to grub control is simple enough. However it's important to understand the treatments needed and the timing of application. Treating grubs doesn't have to be time consuming or expensive. A little bit of planning and information goes a long way in successful control. June bugs are the adult stage of the grub. Most of their lives are spent underground as a root feeding larvae. The depth at which they live in the soil changes throughout the life cycle. As the cooler months approach and the soil temperature drops, the insects will burrow deeper and become dormant. Spring brings warmer temperatures and finds the grubs closer to the surface to feed on roots. By mid-June adult beetles emerge to complete their cycle. The adults eat plant material and prepare to mate. By August the beetles return to the soil to lay the eggs. Going into the fall, the newly hatched grubs feed on the roots of your lawn until the temperature drives them deeper into the soil and dormancy.

Timing is everything when it comes to grub control. That's very important when considering what chemicals you'll be using to treat these pests. The approach to grubs is either a seasonal treatment, or a quick kill. The most widely used season long chemical is known as Merit. The chemical name is Imidacloprid. It is applied to the lawn and moves into the plant system. Held within the plant it requires a single application per year.

Imidacloprid, or Merit

The other main approach is a 24 hour quick kill application. This product is called Dylox. While very effective and fast, it requires multiple applications to maintain effectiveness. Dylox is a great product to stop damage where grub treatment may have been overlooked or not otherwise addressed. Dylox will curb further damage immediately but should be followed up by a season long product. Successful treatment of grubs can help avoid frustration and time consuming repair of lawn damage. A preventative application program with season long grub control from Shores NAPA and Fertilome will keep your lawn safe and looking great!

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