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Nuts, Bolts, and Washers - Oh My!

The world we live in is held together by tiny parts. Look around you and you'll probably notice screws, nuts, anchors, washers and all kinds of fasteners holding things together. Easy to misplace and difficult to replace, these small parts can cause a lot of stress. For years Shores NAPA has had a very large selection of fastening hardware. That department has grown and been completely reset. Just about anything you can need is available in stock. Our bins are full of the common hardware you might expect. Standard and fine thread nuts and bolts in zinc finish and stainless are well represented. The same is true for lags, carriage, and of course a full selection of metrics. The more exotic fare is where our displays really shine. Rubber bottle stoppers or corks? Sure, no problem. Concrete anchors? Yep. Lamp parts? Absolutely. Shores NAPA can handle just about any fastener need you can come up with. Our display includes bolt sizes from #1 all the way to 1".

Shores NAPA has more fasteners on hand than any store in the area. Save time and money by checking here first!

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